About Us

Created in 1998, Lorena Grancelli Translation Services offers professional translation services to clients all over the world.
For the past twenty years we have been helping companies and individuals with their translation needs, bridging all language gaps.
Our team is commited to achieving customer satisfaction. Each member of our team has earned a university degree in translation, is highly specialized in an area of expertise and has translated millions of words into Spanish.

Whether you need to translate an employee handbook, a business contract, information for your patients or a corporate website, among others, we can help you.
Do not hesitate to contact us!

Lorena Grancelli

  • English-Spanish Translator Lorena Grancelli
  • I am a sworn English-Spanish translator with over 20 years of experience in the industry. My areas of expertise are human resources, education, healthcare, tourism and gastronomy. I have translated hundreds of employee handbooks, plenty of healthcare posters, recipes and travel content. I am a detail-oriented person who is always willing to take the extra step to meet customers' needs. Excellent project management skills.


Our Team

  • English-Spanish Translator Carolina Mazzei
  • Carolina Mazzei

    Sworn English-Spanish Translator. Areas of expertise: accounting and finance (financial statements and reports), auditing, law (including contracts), insurance, information technology. She thoroughly conducts terminology research and strives for consistency throughout the project. She has solid teamwork skills and the ability to work under pressure.

  • English-Spanish Translator María Laura Montangero
  • María Laura Montangero

    Literary, scientific and technical translator. Main area of expertise: medical field, including protocols, brochures, consents. She also translates series, movies and docummentaries, as well as telecommunication materials. Methodic, organized and flexible professional.

  • English-Spanish Translator Jimena González
  • Jimena González

    Sworn English-Spanish translator. Areas of expertise: education, healthcare, medicine (consent forms, patient guides, brochures, research on cancer, HIV, pregnancy and child development), marketing, surveys, religion (Catholic church). A passionate, dedicated professional, careful about details, flexible.

  • English-Spanish Translator Paula Aimar
  • Paula Aimar

    Certified English-Spanish Translator. Areas of expertise: accounting and legal documents (summons, title deeds, trial documents, letters rogatory, powers of attorney). International trade market, export/import documents, letters of credit, contracts. Forward thinking, hard working and responsive professional.