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Five reasons why you should hire a professional translator instead of using machine translation

Machine translation has become very popular. Anyone can be tempted to use a free online translation tool to reduce costs, but the results can be extremely detrimental.

Machine translation can help you get a general understanding (just a rough idea) of a message in a foreign language, for instance if you are traveling and need to know the meaning of a word, but should not be used for business purposes. When dealing with business documents, healthcare information or any marketing materials, you really need accuracy and a deep understanding of the target language and culture. No machine can achieve that.

  • Quality. A high-quality translation may be expensive, but it is really worth it. A document or website full of mistakes can truly put your reputation at risk. Customers want to buy from companies that speak their language, but flawlessly.
  • Professional translators are trained, culturally sensitive, can read between lines and take context into consideration. They bridge language and cultural gaps. Machines simply translate word for word.
  • Machine translation does not take context into account. And translation is all about context. Professional translators are not literal when translating; they take into account the target audience, cultural background, etc. Translators go beyond translating words, they translate ideas. Machines just translate literally.
  • Hiring a professional translator is cost-effective. Having to correct mistakes and reprint materials due to a low quality translation is time consuming and expensive. It is best to have things done correctly from the beginning. Most of the time it is easier to start a translation from scratch than to review machine translation.
  • Register is very important. Machine translation cannot tell whether your text is formal or informal. It is not the same to translate legal documents for court than to translate advertising materials targeted at consumers. The registry will vary.

If you want to sell effectively in foreign markets you should hire a qualified professional translator, who will be able to convey your message accurately. A professional translator will help your company grow and succeed. You will as well increase customer loyalty.

We believe computers will never replace translators.

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