Blog - The Importance of Translation in the Organizational Culture

Why it is so important to clearly convey your company's culture to Spanish-speaking employees

We all know the importance of having an organizational culture at our company. It allows clearly defining the organization's vision, mission and values.

Organizational culture is the company's component that employees value the most, and it has considerable influence on motivation, morale, satisfaction and productivity at the company.

Accordingly, it is highly important that the company's culture be well-defined and clearly conveyed to all organization levels, from management to the lowest levels of the organization chart. Developing a proper culture at the company strengthens the organization both internally (employees) and externally (clients).

The Latin American population grew considerably in the United States over the last few years: only from 2010 to 2016 there were 7.5 million more Latinos. The 57.5 million Latinos in 2016 account for 18% of total US population. More than 26 million Latin American people account for about 15% of workforce in such country, and this percentage is expected to double towards 2050.

As it can be seen, the strong presence and growing trend of Latinos in the US labor market make it essential to consider engaging highly-specialized companies to provide translation services. We can thus be sure that the organizational culture is conveyed with the same spirit both to English-speaking and Spanish-speaking employees, which will contribute to the organization's overall success.

It is critical that documents, presentations and brochures that are used to reflect the organizational culture are accurately translated by experts in the field. If such documentation is subject to a low-quality translation, the message is conveyed wrongly and distinct subsidiaries may have a completely different idea of the same organizational culture. Clients may note this, which is in turn detrimental to the image companies wish to convey.

In short, upon implementing a strategy to communicate a company's culture to its employees it is very important to include a translation expert in the team to be sure that the message is conveyed similarly to all organization members, regardless of their native language.

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