Blog - The Importance of Translation in the Travel Industry

Are you in the travel industry? Do you want to break into foreign markets?

Suppose you want to visit a Latin American country, for instance a stunning beach in Mexico, Machu Picchu in Peru, or any other great place in a Spanish-speaking country.
What is the first thing you do? You resort to the Internet. That's what people usually do.

When you are planning an international trip, would you make hotel reservations or book flights through a website that is not written in your language? You probably wouldn't.
So why is your website only in English? Don't you want to attract potential Latin American visitors?

You should be prepared for foreign tourists, who do not necessarily speak your language. Since there is a continuous increase in the number of tourists worldwide, you may be missing significant business opportunities.
If you want to expand in the tourism industry, you should be able to reach out to foreign customers who may not speak your language and provide them with as much information as possible in their native language.

You can do so through translation. But I refer to professional and high-quality translation. Machine translation can be tempting since it is free and widely used. But let me tell you using machine translation on your website or marketing materials is a huge mistake. As you can read in a previous post on the subject: Machine Translation vs. Professional Translation, machine translation can severely damage your reputation.

If people don't understand, they won't buy. It's as simple as that. Your potential customer has to trust your company in order to buy from you. If you don't speak their language or the translation into their language is poor, they will not plan their next trip with your company.

So stop putting up barriers to communication and entrust your translation needs to a professional.
The reputation of your business is of the utmost importance, that's why your website, marketing materials, newsletters and general documents must be flawless.

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